How to Prevent Hiking Injuries

As the snow begins to melt in the mountains, more and more people are spending their time hiking. During the warmer months, we see several patients who have suffered from hiking injuries. Here are common hiking injuries and how to prevent them.


Common Hiking Injuries

Ankle and Knee Sprain

As one of the most common hiking injuries, sprains can occur if you lose your balance. We recommend wearing proper hiking shoes, staying aware of the environment, and pacing yourself to prevent sprains. If you suffer from any form of sprain after hiking, it’s important to visit Ogden Wellness Center immediately. We utilize a variety of modalities and physical therapy techniques to treat your pain.


Wrist Sprain

If you lose your balance and fall, your hands are the first body part to catch yourself, placing extra weight and strain on your wrist. If you are currently experiencing any pain and symptoms in the hands or wrists, chiropractic adjustments can help release pressure on the affected nerves.


Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps and spasms, or involuntary muscle contractions, can occur during hiking if you’re not warmed up or properly hydrated. We recommend having sufficient carbohydrate intake and drinking plenty of water. A combination of chiropractic care and proper nutrition can resolve the majority of muscle spasm problems.



Hiking is a strenuous activity that can lead to fatigue. Like we mentioned above, remember to have sufficient carbohydrates and water intake. Ogden Wellness Center treats symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) with special chiropractic techniques and treatments. These chiropractic techniques can help you to increase your energy levels, and improve your overall quality of life.


Why Choose Ogden Wellness Center

For true health to be achieved, the body needs to have the right foundation of health care. Ogden Wellness Center provides unique patient treatment plans to repair, correct, and improve your health. If something is not right with the foundation of your body, we will focus on identifying the problem and improve it to help you achieve optimal health. We have a three-step process to restore the body to proper health.

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