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“ I was skeptical about chiropractic care before I was finally talked into coming in. I suffered from constant back and hip pain. After coming in and seeing the reasons why I felt the way I did, I gave it a whirl. I felt better after about a month of visits and could do more in the gym as well as my everyday life. I have referred many people to come in; most people that felt the same ways I had before. They are both very personable and care about your well being.


“I suffer from lower back and upper neck pain. I was under a lot of stress and suffered from headaches weekly. I had suffered for many years after an auto accident I was in. Until I met Dr. Phelps and Dr. Kocour I thought it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Now under their care, the ball of stress in my neck and lower back is finally feeling better. Through myself, I have recommended 3-4 people to Dr. Phelps and Dr. Kocour. You two are very good doctors who honestly care about your patients. I consider you both my friends.

Trina Q.


“ After being in an auto accident, I was in terrible pain from my hip on a daily basis. I couldn’t sleep and often had stiffness all though my midback. Although I had been seeing a chiropractor for years, the conditions were persistent and would not improve. I found the care of Dr. Phelps and Dr. Kocour to be much more thorough and caring than what I had experienced before. Because of the genuine concern they offered and administered I can go weeks without hip pain and sleep comes easier. Thank you so much for the great service and care you provided; you both are a blessing in my life.



“ My name is Lauren Snow. I am a patient of Dr. Jennifer. When I started going to Dr. Jennifer I had terrible migraine headaches and seizures and I spent most of my time miserable and in pain. I could not walk very far without my ankle giving out. Doctors had considered put a brace on my ankle. After treatment with Dr. Jen, my life is very different. I think more clearly and I still have migraines, not as often or as bad. I am happier. My life is better because of Dr. Jennifer.

I certainly was a skeptic about chiropractic – until my lower back went out on me in my early 60s. My wife suggested Ogden Chiropractic, and – skeptical or not – pain got me there. After several years’ experience now, I can say unconditionally that it works! More specifically, I appreciate Dr. Josh’s care – to always examine my potential problem areas before every adjustment. The adjustments are professional and painless – and make a huge difference in my quality of life."


“ I am 91 years of age and have been receiving regular chiropractic treatments from numerous doctors since the early 1960s. Initially, my motivation was to find relief from neck pain stemming from injuries I received in rodeo activities. Later I discovered other benefits to regular chiropractic treatment and I believed that the treatment I was receiving could not be improved upon. When my previous doctor sold his practice to Doctors Kocour and Phelps I was skeptical and believed I would have to once again search for a doctor who could effectively treat my unique problems. I decided to give the new doctors a chance before leaving to search for a new doctor-patient match. It was a great decision! In the eighteen plus months, Dr. Jennifer Kocour has been treating me I have come to realize the treatment I had received over the years could, in fact, be improved. Her chiropractic skills are unparalleled by the treatment I had previously received; there is a balance of art and science in effective chiropractic treatment and Dr. Jennifer has mastered both. The compassionate, gentle yet effective care I have received from Fr. Jennifer and from Ogden Chiropractic Center has been a very welcome change to me. I am grateful to have such skilled treatment available to me and it has proven to keep me motivated and active into my ninth decade. Many thanks, Drs. Kocour and Phelps and Ogden Chiropractic Center!"



“ When my daughter wasn’t attempting walking by 12 months, I was a little worried. Her pediatrician assured me that everything was fine, but by 14 months I was really starting to doubt it. Already a patient of Dr. Phelps’, I knew how knowledgeable & amazing his care was. So when my daughter reached 15 months & still wasn’t walking, I decided to bring her in. Dr. Phelps & Dr. Kocour really made her feel comfortable in their environment & were extremely patient with her “stranger danger.” With one swift & gentle adjustment, my daughter was not only attempting walking within 2 days but running within 2 weeks. As both a patient & a mother, I can say that what these doctors do is nothing short of amazing and I’m truly grateful to have such caring individuals in my life. I’ve since referred over 5 people to the practice, including my own husband and mother. I’ve never seen another doctor take as much time as they do to make the effort to go above & beyond to truly help EVERY patient that walks through their door. They’ve made an exponential difference in my life & I will continue to refer them to everyone.!"


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