Headache Treatment & Therapy

Types of Headaches

headache treatments

Headaches are a common complaint among people. Headaches are what usually comes after back and neck pain. Headaches are often caused by poor posture, as well as neck and back injuries. In our office, we see a few different types of headaches.

  • Migraines/Cluster headaches- usually involved nausea and/or vomiting. These types of headaches shut you down and require you to rest in a dark, quiet place until there is a relief.

  • Tension Headaches- If you are or have experienced muscle tightness in your neck and or upper back, the tension can run up into your head and cause a throbbing pain or an ache.

Ogden Chiropractic Care for Headaches

When you come to receive care at Ogden Wellness Center for headaches, it is very important that we perform a thorough evaluation, as to know how to properly manage your headaches. Proper chiropractic adjustment and techniques can be used to help relieve most headache pain and discomfort. Ogden Wellness Center treats many patients suffering from headaches with continued success. Headaches are often a manifestation of another existing condition such as poor posture, dehydration, irritated connective tissue, and other various chiropractic conditions. Ogden Wellness Center treats the underlying condition or problem of the headaches as well as the immediate headache symptoms.

At-home exercises, nutrition, and healthy exercise habits can contribute to long-term headache relief as well. Dr. Phelps and Dr. Kocour may provide you with nutritional advice, relaxation techniques, and work postures in addition to in-office spinal adjustments to keep your spine and muscles healthy and ready for the physical stresses of daily life. Ogden Wellness Center Doctors of Chiropractic have undergone years of specialized training and boards to properly manipulate your spine and other areas to relieve headache pain and help you return to normal functions. For more information about how chiropractic treatments can help with headache relief, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with us, please call Ogden Wellness Center today.

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