Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injections

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Are you suffering from reoccurring pain? Do you find yourself limping as you age? Ogden Wellness Center provides trigger point injections. These injections aid in rehabilitation and helps your body get back to full strength quicker. Through trigger point injections, you will experience the best way to reset the nerve response time and allows it to heal properly. Our patients that suffer from chronic muscular pain have often seen benefits from using trigger point injections.


How do Trigger Point Injections Work?

Trigger points use small filament needles to numb and relax the muscle sites causing pain. By working on the areas that are causing pain, patients are able to stretch the muscles more effectively. The correct movement of the muscle helps to restore range of motion and makes it easier for patients to perform physical activities. The injections help to increase blood flow through the muscle, which delivers nutrients to the muscle and assists in the healing process. If the muscle has inflammation, we can do joint injections, which include steroids to help reduce the inflammation.

It is important to understand that trigger point injections are normally used as part of a larger treatment program. The injections may not be able to completely alleviate all of the pain. We highly recommend sticking with the personalized program, we have created to help you find pain relief. With each set of trigger point injections, you will be able to see improvements.


What to Expect

The term trigger point injection can scare many people. Our chiropractic doctors are trained in trigger point injections and use the latest methods to ensure correct treatment. When you come into our Ogden office, you can expect to lie down or be sitting during the procedure. We will discuss the procedure and will begin with cleansing the area with antiseptic before gently inserting the needle into the muscle site. Most patients experience slight discomfort from the muscle as it contracts and releases. The entire procedure can last just a few minutes based on the area that needs to be treated.


At Home Care

What should you do following the injection? We recommend several at-home treatments, but normally they involve using some ice on the treated area if it continues to be sore. We recommend patients rest and take it easy for a few days until the area feels better, and is able to tolerate regular activities again. Unless there is a complication, you should be able to return to work. Contact Ogden Wellness Center today to schedule your joint injection.


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