Ear Infections

Common Disease: Ear Infection

ear infections

Ear infections are a very common disease for children to experience. Most children experience at least one ear infection in their lifetime. An ear infection can cause extreme pain, severe irritability, permanent hearing loss or damage, and other more severe infections. Recurring infections and visits to the doctor could lead to a surgical procedure to put tubes in your child’s ear. Frequent ear infections are the second most common reason for kids under the age of 2. Before making that decision, consider chiropractic care.

When a child experiences repetitive infections of the ear, this could be a sign or symptom of a more serious condition. Chiropractic care is often used to treat recurring infections of the ear to drain out the lymphatic system, and to restore the spine and nervous system health back to its natural state.

Ogden Chiropractic Treatment for Ear Infections

Chiropractic care gets right to the cause of the infection through spinal misalignments. The spine is what protects that spinal cord and the nervous system. A child’s brain sends nerve energy down the spine that then goes out to the nerves feeding body parts. The body always functions as it should when the communications system is uninterrupted.

If there are misalignments, that puts extra pressure on the body’s nerves that interrupt the energy flow. It is the intent of our doctors of chiropractic to restore normal nerve flow by correcting misalignments.

Another role that plays in ear infections is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system drains bacteria and viruses to keep your child healthy. Chiropractic treatment for an ear infection is effective because chiropractic techniques help drain the lymphatic system which can easily get backed up in children. Treating the cause, rather than just the symptoms and pain of ear infections will help prevent future ear infections and promote the overall health of your child. For more information about chiropractic treatment to help with ear infections in Ogden, or to schedule an appointment with us, please call Ogden Wellness Center today.

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