Nervous System Chart

nerve chart

Your nervous system plays a critical role in how your body functions. It delivers messages throughout the body to assist in understanding how it needs to adapt to your environment. A large portion of the nervous system will pass through your spine, making it essential to have the spine adjusted properly to allow the nerves to communicate effectively. The spinal cord acts as a lifeline cable to your brain, and branches out nerves to the entire body.

If the nerves are unable to communicate with one another, your body can end up with problems in certain areas. Dealing with pain in the back where you have a tight muscle can block the nerve's ability to communicate effectively. If the nerves cannot transmit the messages, it will adversely affect the function of various parts of your body.

​​​​​​​Our nerve chart below explains how the nerves in the spine work, and what areas of the body can end up transmitting messages and leading to aches and pains.

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