Our Technique

integrated physical medicine

Ogden Wellness Center uses the Gonstead approach to treatment, pain management, and healing. Named after its developer, Dr. Clarence Gonstead, this approach to musculoskeletal diagnostic care identifies how a vertebral subluxation pattern in one area of the spine can lead to compensatory changes in another area. Dr. Gonstead’s background in mechanical engineering allowed him to look at the human spine as an intricate engineering wonder. Through meticulous study, and working on thousands of spinal cases, Dr. Gonstead was able to explain how the spine works, and how one can find, identify, and correct subluxations in a way that no one else previously understood.

The Gonstead System has been taught in universities for years and continues to be the foundation of many chiropractic methods. The Gonstead System has brought new light to the spinal column, and allows Ogden Wellness Center to implement and understand how to correctly adjust the spine by hand only! Our physicians and case managers are trained in the Gonstead System. Each and every patient will undergo a three-step process. Our clinical logic is applied to each case to ensure the principles outlined by Dr. Gonstead are duplicated in treatment programs. We focus on bringing results to our patients by finding the best treatments that your body will respond to, to help improve your overall quality of life.


Our Approach to Integrated Physical Medicine

Each patient is given a thorough evaluation that generally includes full spine X-rays and precise analysis. The examinations help our physicians and case managers to use our training, and to identify the locations of the individual bones, and how they may differ from the correct positions. Using the information gathered in the 3-day process, we are able to make any needed corrections.

​​​​​​​The Gonstead Technique is acknowledged as one of the safest methods of evaluating and caring for the spine, and restoring the way your body feels, moves, and works! Contact Ogden Wellness Center today to discuss your spine health and other conditions that could be hindering your quality of life.

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